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HOWTO: MySQL install guide for NAS4Free 10.2.x

Dec 29, 2009

The current NAS situation...

Looks like FreeNAS developer is leaving FreeNAS behind due to limitations, and moving to a Linux based system called CoreNAS - which then later changed to OpenMediaVault.  Being somewhat excited about an update for future-proofing and allowing major development , I was happy to hear the developer taking steps - however, there could be some time before we see anything.

For all you FreeNAS lovers out there, don't worry, looks like iXsystems is going to take over FreeNAS development.

Myself, I am going to look into Amahi....

If you got the money to fork out - then drobo is your solution:

Dec 1, 2009

Bootable USB operating system

So you want to try a new operating system; but don't want to remove your current one, you don't want to fork out for an expensive partition manager just to make space to try one out.

What you need is a bootable USB with operating system installed.  Well UNetbootbin is the solution for you.  This little Windows/Linux application will allow you to create a bootable USB from a variey of Linux Distributions, as well as a standard ISO image.

Check the application out here:

REMEMBER:  Your BIOS must support booting from USB devices - or this will not work in any way.