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Mar 11, 2010

Custom Open Source Router Firmware (DD-WRT vs. Tomato)

I just bought myself the WNR3500L from Netgear, because it ca be flashed with custom firmware - which is great.  My old buffalo router could do the same, and I used Tomato.

I decided, new router, new firmware... not such a stunning idea.  My immediate issues with DD-WRT over Tomato:
  • DD-WRT Static DHCP is not as user friendly to set up as it is in Tomato
  • Upgrading the firmware without resetting all the settings is not advised??? WTF?
Other than these inconveniences I like it, I will update this as I find the time and move forward.  I am sure DD-WRT will become more user friendly, but I expected more from it - especially the way everyone rave about it.  For now I would tell ppl who are looking into these firmwares to go with Tomato.

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