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Dec 27, 2013

Transmission User Issues in NAS4Free

So I was having a little trouble with my transmission setup in NAS4Free.  I recently moved house and did a bunch of cleanup on my servers, reinstall of NAS4Free and setting up appropriate users and groups.  Unfortunately this meant that my torrent client, used for downloading Linux distributions, was unable to move the completed file to my designated folder.  Solution, change the transmission user to run as me and not transmission (the default).

First of all stop the transmission service, next change the transmission folders to the appropriate user and group (I kept the transmission group) using chmod.

Then edit the following file:

nano /etc/rc.d/transmission

And change the following loone:


To whoever you want:


Restart your NAS box, make sure all rights are the same on the modified folders.  Initiate a torrent download of Ubuntu, check that the partial file have the correct username and group.


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