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Nov 21, 2009

Streaming video to anywhere with an internet connection...

So I put a video in a directory on my webserver for my brother to check out, and I wanted to test if he could download it, so I entered the link to check it.  To my surprise it started to stream it in my Firefox browser, it may even do it in IE, but I hate IE/ActiveX so I don't use it.  To accomplish this streaming joy all you need to do is get VLC.


When installing make sure you check Mozilla plugin (if you are a Firefox user, ActiveX for IE users I assume) and then enter the link on your webserver (fll pathname) to the file.  After a short time buffering your media should be streaming to your browser.  The streaming quality is all dependent on upload speed from your server, and download speed at your location - but in a pinch, you can watch your videos from anywhere.

Obviously we are talking about home movies here, as it would be highly illegal to do this with copyright material - even is you own it.  Not only is it illegal, but your ISP may frown on your webserver and upload usage.

Check your ISP limitations before you go doing this sort of thing, you don't want letters through the door, or obscene bills!

Update:  I guess you could probably do this to your iPhone too if you have the video in the correct format for it...

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