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Nov 16, 2009


Well I upgraded to XBMC 9.11 alpha 2. So far I haven't seen any significant reasons to push this update, in fact I see issues to stay where you are.

1. Lirc is a nightmare to get configured for remotes - and I lost all my settings!

2. There seems to be some visual defects in the video playback - which I haven't had the chance to look into.

Anyway, I like to try the latest in case there is something I don't want to miss. I decided to ge rid of XBMC Live on my ION HD HTPC, since it had changed to read only, so no settings were saved. I read somewhere that someone else had this issue - it was caused from changing from VGA to HDMI - physical outputs, not settings - weird huh?!

I did an overall clean house on both my HTPCs, installed the latest Ubuntu and reinstalled XBMC. Apart from the remote and video issues I am really happy - nice spring clean - or should I say fall.

I urge you to check out XBMC if you are looking for a home media playback device. It's cheap and will play anything you throw at it. Plus with the scraping tools it is a good way to keep all media organized... And I stream mine from FreeNAS - more on that later though.

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