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Jan 19, 2013

NAS4Free and Secure FTP (SFT) accesss from iPhone

So, for the longest time I tried to get secure FTP working with iPhone and my home server (my problem was I was trying to use FTPS, instead of SFTP).  Using FileZilla I could always successfully connect using "require explicit FTP over TLS":

Based on this I figured it was an issue with the iPhone apps, I think it was error 425 (cannot build data connections).  Then I thought it was my Netgear WNR3500L, since I used DD-WRT on it, I figured maybe something was screwy - a draw back of bleeding edge geeky stuff, you question it.  Anyway, it was a port configuration issue by me.

I needed to open port 22, not 21.  I also had to connect using different settings SFTP.

As for iPhone client, I have tried a few; FTPOnTheGo, Files Connect, and Easy FTP.  Of them all I like FTPOnTheGo - I should probably look into the options again - considering iPad clients too.

Since I originally stater this investigation and setup, I treated myself to a new router Apple Extreme Base Station.  I might write a quick review on it actually...


Unknown said...

Good Post

Did you manage to work out how to use FTPS? Thanks

iainmacleod said...

Never did work out the issue with FTPS, I stick with SFTP now. Really easy to manage SFTP on NAS4Free too.

Let me know what you are trying to do, or what you are up to, and we can try and look into it together.