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Jan 22, 2013

Openelec, my XBMC of choice!

So I have about 3 machines in my house that function as HTPCs.  One of those systems I use with full blown blown Ubuntu and XBMC install from repo.  The other systems I use Openelec, I have this installed on an old NVIDIA ION system and a Rasberry Pi.

I have also advised two systems, which I setup, to use Openelec.  Zotac ZBOX which has a great price on it, I can only assume due to the fact that they are coming out with a new version...which openelc is already optimized for!

Some of the main benefits about openelec.
  • Great scene, so stable updates.
  • Automatic updates through system configuration
  • libCEC support on Raspberry Pi (for TV remote support for application control)
 The main reason I am not using this on my main media center is due to the lack of support installing Subsonic.  This main system is used to serve my streaming music to web and mobile apps, therefore, until I have played about with installing Subsonic on NAS4Free or Openelec, I will stick with an Ubuntu system in my household.

Some other options:

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